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FIREKEEPERS CASINO -- Battle Creek, Michigan

07/17/2019 - 07/17/2019

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With Early Bird Discount $205.00 per person. Save $5.00 per person if booked and paid by January 31, 2019

Once a year, a local tribe of street cats, all with their own distinct names and personalities, come together for the legendary "Jellicle Ball". Here, they entertain each other, tell stories and listen to wisdom given by their elderly and respected leader, Old Deuteronomy. Halfway through, the gathering is interrupted by the tattered and torn Grizabella. Repulsed by her sorry state, the Jellicle Cats shun her and chase her off, despite the pleas of Old Deuteronomy to show compassion. But what happens when their beloved leader is catnapped by the dastardly master-cat of crime, MacAvity (think a feline version of Moriarty!)? Will the Jellicle cats be able to save him? And WHO is the mysterious Mr. Mistoffelees?

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